Content Marketing

Any website, no matter when it was launched, must have new content on a regular basis. Your audience needs a reason to visit your site, and helpful, creative articles are the smartest way to bring people through the door week after week. In addition, Google has altered its search algorithm to boost sites with the most relevant, insightful information. That’s why “content marketing,” as it’s called, matters more than ever.

Every blog post or article we write starts with the same question: what’s the most essential information we can provide?

• What concerns people about your business? What don’t they understand?
• What keeps someone from becoming a customer?
• How can we answer someone’s question in a way that’s relevant and meaningful?

At RCG, we practice what we preach. Take a look at some of our recent blog posts and the consider this: our efforts blogging on a weekly basis — and filling our site with meaningful content — have made us a top search result for “public relations virginia“.

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The RCG content marketing strategy impacts your core audience (vendors and clients) as well as new people on a weekly basis. With our guidance, you will have a comprehensive online marketing campaign in line with today’s best practices.

We also strongly believe in the power of an e-newsletter, a critical part of your marketing toolkit. That way, you consistently remind people of your services and demonstrate expertise in the most important place to reach customers today: their inbox.

We are happy to customize a plan that works for your team. Email RCG Account Manager Danny Rubin at with any questions.